Energy rates are among the lowest in the nation.

Safe, clean and affordable nuclear power.

Download the Fact Sheet Nuclear is the most dependable, resilient, low-carbon energy source available that can provide vast amounts of electricity around the clock.

We rely on our Waterford 3 and River Bend nuclear units for low-cost, high-performance energy production. Waterford 3 is the largest single power source in Louisiana.

We also protect the environment with emissions-free power generation. It's all part of our commitment to providing safe, clean and affordable power to our customers.

  • Fuel costs of about 0.8 cent per kilowatt-hour: among the nation's lowest.
  • Saves customers hundreds of thousands of dollars every day in energy costs.
  • Nuclear power provided 24 percent of Entergy Louisiana’s electricity in 2017.
  • Virtually emissions-free electricity.


Saved customers $286 million since joining MISO.

Download the Fact SheetIn 2013, Entergy joined one of the largest regional transmission organizations in order to gain access to a larger power market. MISO manages the flow of power on the grid and operates electricity markets in a region that spans from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

This partnership allows Entergy Louisiana to purchase electricity when market prices fall below our production costs. We deliver those savings right to our customers -- $286 million in the first three years.

Clean, affordable energy is crucial for the future of Louisiana. Our partnership with MISO will help Entergy Mississippi keep our rates below the national average.

Planning for tomorrow. Powering generations to come.