New technology.
New solutions.

Powering Louisiana's economy.

Over 40,000 Louisiana jobs and counting.

Louisiana is home to about 4,500 Entergy employees, and we've helped attract more than 40,000 Louisiana jobs since 2005.

Investing nearly $5 billion to strengthen the grid -- and our future.

From replacing transmission lines to building new power plants, Entergy Louisiana has invested approximately $5 billion in the past five years to modernize our state's grid. It's a vital step to powering a bright future for our state.

Helping to grow Louisiana business.

Entergy Louisiana does more than keep the lights on. We work with our state and local economic development partners to attract new business while expanding local industry. Our team identifies construction sites, creates infrastructure estimates and performs environmental assessments for incoming corporations.

Rates among the lowest in the nation.

Affordable, reliable energy is essential for a thriving economy. It's a leading cause for new business to relocate to our state. Entergy Louisiana is committed to a diverse energy portfolio in order to consistently deliver rates well below the national average.

The combination of our low rates and low natural gas prices combined with world-class infrastructure has attracted energy-intensive industries to the state. Since 2010, Entergy has actively participated in 140 announced economic development projects in Louisiana totaling more than $77 billion in capital investments.



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Modernizing our generation fleet is a priority we take seriously. Because we know that clean, reliable and affordable power is what drives our economy and improves our customers' lives.

Construction is underway on two combined-cycle gas turbine plants in Calcasieu and St. Charles parishes. The St. Charles Power Station is scheduled to be complete in June 2019 and the Lake Charles Power Station will be up and running by June 2020.

We are increasing our environmental efficiency with each new project. The carbon dioxide emission rate of Entergy Louisiana’s generating fleet is already roughly 30 percent below the EPA standard for new combined-cycle power plants. And it will only get better as we continue developing new, cleaner sources of energy. Combined-cycle plants like the St. Charles Power Station emit, on average, about 40 percent less carbon dioxide compared to our older natural gas-fired units.

We also believe renewable energy is an important part of a balanced energy mix. We currently have approximately 180 megawatts of renewable resources in our generation portfolio including hydro, waste heat recovery and biomass. And we’re pursuing new sources of emission-free energy as part of our commitment to delivering the cleanest, most affordable energy to our customers.

But the largest source of clean energy in Louisiana is nuclear power. About 24 percent of the energy our customers used in 2017 was nuclear, almost all of it produced by our Waterford 3 and River Bend nuclear units. These plants have been reliable sources of emission-free energy in Louisiana for over three decades.

Taking solar full circle with net metering.
We support policies where rooftop solar customers are credited for their excess energy at a rate that results in a fair division of grid costs – the people, poles and wires – among all customers. Entergy Louisiana customers will continue to:

  • Have greater choice when it comes to the electricity they use..
  • Receive a credit on their monthly bill for excess energy sent to the grid.
  • Offset the cost of their monthly bill by producing their own, clean energy.