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Advanced Meters. Smarter Future.

Download the Fact SheetEntergy Louisiana is committed to continuous improvement of its systems and services and using new technology to build a smarter grid. The first step toward modernizing and building a smarter energy future for our customers is transitioning to an advanced metering system -- or AMS -- for homes and businesses we serve. It's a system that allows two-way communication between us and our customers.

With AMS, customers will get more tools and better information to help understand and manage their energy use more effectively, which can lead to lower bills and potential reduction in energy use. We'll be able to identify outages more accurately, so crews can make repairs and restore electricity faster. Having near real-time information on energy usage allows us to better answer billing and service questions more quickly.

Upgrading to advanced metering in Louisiana will offer our customers the following important benefits:

  • More accurate outage information to help restore power faster.
  • Stronger and smarter localized electrical infrastructure to help improve community resiliency.
  • More detailed usage information to help customers better understand and manage their energy use.
  • Improved customer service through expanded energy use data to help resolve billing issues more effectively.

Energy diversity means sustainability and affordability.

Download the Fact SheetMaintaining a diverse energy portfolio is critically important for the well-being of our customers. Entergy Louisiana primarily uses natural gas, nuclear energy and purchased power to meet our customers’ needs. This level of diversity not only keeps prices as low as possible, but it helps to control emission output.

  • Natural Gas -- 47%
  • Coal -- 3%
  • Nuclear -- 28%
  • Purchases -- 22%

We're also looking to the future by pursuing new sources of emission-free energy for our customers. They will add to the approximately 180 megawatts of renewables -- including hydro, waste heat recovery and biomass resources secured through power purchase agreements – in our generation portfolio.

Entergy Louisiana is committed to a diverse energy portfolio because we're committed to do right by our customers.

Investing in the power grid. Investing in our future.

Download the Fact Sheet
The future of Louisiana depends on efficient, reliable energy infrastructure. This infrastructure network, also known as the power grid, begins with generating plants and includes transmission and distribution lines, substations and transformers. These lines are the “roads” that deliver electricity to our customers, and the substations tie the transmission and distributions systems together.

We've made significant investments to strengthen Louisiana’s infrastructure to meet the growing needs of our residents and businesses for years to come.

Some of the improvements include:

  • Adding new transmission and distribution lines to the more than 36,000 miles of lines managed by Entergy Louisiana.
  • Adding capacity to circuits so customers can receive power from alternate sources.
  • Replacing aging underground facilities.
  • Sustained tree-trimming and vegetation management efforts throughout the 29,000 square miles managed by Entergy Louisiana