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Transmission Projects > Terrebonne-Bayou Vista Project

Transmission Projects

Terrebonne to Bayou Vista 230kV Transmission Line Project

Project Description

The project is a joint effort between Entergy Louisiana and Cleco Power to improve reliability in southeast Louisiana. The two companies will separately plan and construct a total of approximately 36 miles of 230 kV transmission line between Entergy Louisiana's Terrebonne substation and Cleco's Bayou Vista substation.  Along with expanding the Terrebonne substation, the project entails Entergy Louisiana building 24 miles of 230 kV transmission line on structures that can withstand winds of 150 mph west to the interconnection point with Cleco Power at Bayou Boeuf near Amelia.  Cleco Power will construct and own approximately 12 miles of 230 kV line west from the interconnection point to the Bayou Vista substation.

Entergy Louisiana's portion of the project requires acquisition of rights of way along approximately 22 miles of the route for the new 230 kV line, most of which will be parallel to existing lines. In addition, the project includes Entergy Louisiana rebuilding 1.6 miles of the existing Terrebonne-Greenwood-Humphrey 115 kV line in two locations to allow the new Terrebonne-Bayou Vista 230 kV and rebuilt Terrebonne-Greenwood 115 kV lines to fit within the existing right of way.  The project is expected to be placed into service by the summer of 2018. 

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